Smartview Conversations

Smartview Conversations is a monthly online gathering to explore application of our Focusing skills to daily life and interactions. We will model how to create a safe, playful environment that facilitates neural plasticity. This space is all about RELATIONSHIPS. We lean heavily on Inner Relationship Focusing, Interactive Focusing and Relational Neuroscience, plus a variety of other modalities like Non-Violent Communication. These online gatherings are FREE to attend. Both experienced Focusers and people new to Focusing are welcome. We encourage Smartview Stories fans and educators using our Facilitator Guide to attend. Smartview Conversations emphasize Gendlin's action step; how is it we bring Focusing concepts into our daily living.

Our 2024 theme will be exploring The Power of AND.

* Explore Healthy Brain dynamics as portrayed by the Inner Companions in Smartview Stories.
* Both experienced Focusers and people new to Focusing are welcome. 

* This space is all about relationships. 
* Our theme for 2024 will be exploring the Power of And, both are here.

* Let's explore how we hold our own space in relationship to others and how we hold space within us for both our right and left hemisphere's perspectives.
* Individual Art, Movement and Writing prompts. Many sessions will utilize role play in small breakout groups.
* These gatherings emphasize Gendlin's action step, how it is we bring Focusing concepts into our daily living. 
* A pdf will be provided to continue exploring the three states of being on your own.
* Ideal support for Educators utilizing Smartview Stories in a group educational setting.

May 21, June 25, July 16, Sept 24, Oct 22, Nov 19

Life's next treasure lies in HOW we tell our story.

No Experience Necessary!

Come Create with Us!

Bring all of yourself to this gathering, not just the "shiny parts"!

Let's presume welcome and extend welcome.

Pause a bit here. By creating a space between judgments and reactions, we can listen to others and ourselves more fully.

Skills you can grow during our time together.

* become aware of and modify unconscious reactions and patterns that are not serving you.

* learn to utilize the three Inner Companions from Smartview Stories to make valuable aspects of Gendlin's philosophy and our body/brain neuroscience easy to understand.

* learn to discern when you are living from a partial view and when you are holding space for the whole of your body's wisdom in this situation.

* our mind is 'sticky', it likes to hold on to patterns it knows from the past. We will become more efficient at recognizing these sticky strategies and gain insight into moving beyond them in this playful community environment. 

* the ability to pause and move into your body, into the present moment, or over to your right hemisphere to access a bigger picture and potentially do something new here. Each time we do this rewires our brain toward a sense of working together around future similar situations. 

* via improvisational role play during our time together, practice resilience in rolling with what is here now.

* improve your ability to interact with others with kindness and clarity that everyone and everything is safe and with a sense of we're in this together.

* develop more ways to support yourself and those around you in processing challenging interactions. 

* become aware of embodiment techniques that you can incorporate into your daily life to encourage holding on to new patterns that are emerging for you. 

* receive neuroscience related handouts to support you in practicing these concepts in your daily life. 

Co-Facilitators from Learning Community for Mastery in Guiding Change

Inge Terrill, March 2023

Rebecca Aydelette, May 2023

Carrie Moy, July 2023

Stacey Walling, September 2023

Niko Toroshelidze, November, 2023