Introductory Talk, in person or online via zoom.

"How to be Your Brain's Best Friend"

You might wonder what it means to have a “Healthy Brain”. If we look outside of ourselves, we'll find endless opinions. I'd like to suggest another approach. Let's look inside of ourselves. Certainly, no one knows us better!

Maybe you become your brain's best friend...

We now understand that our brains are capable of growing both new neurons and new neural connections throughout our life. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know some simple exercises for making the most of those capabilities? 

Join me as we deepen our understanding of the neuroscience around our own divided brains. Although, separation gave us many evolutionary advantages, without awareness, we can become a puppet to fear and inner discord. It turns out that the average brain is more divided now than ever in the past. Plus, many of the connections we do have are inhibitory. How often do we get an idea and then either ignore it or criticize it? Or listen to repetitive thoughts? Much more than we need to!

Learn some interesting Neuroscience and a bit about "Focusing" - an internationally known, emerging form of Psychotherapy started by philosopher, Gene Gendlin. Bring your body-brain questions and a sense of humor. You will leave with a neuroscience handout and brain exercises to get you started on a path toward being your brain's best friend.

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