Meet our Smartview Stories™ Inner Companions!

Based on neuroscience, these three aspects of being human help us experience and live our life. They are with us at every moment. As we become more aware of them, we understand HOW to better support ourselves, and those around us, in all types of life situations. May this trio of inner companions inspire you in your journey toward thriving. 

Smartview Stories Inner Companions



Nomi Miller, illustrator of Smartview Stories Inner Companions



Our Inner Companions are illustrated by Nomi Miller. Nomi is a believer in magic and the power of words. She likes to draw, dance, sing, be silly and do nothing at all.

Nomi lives in a garden colony in Denmark where she is entertained daily by her young son Ruben.




Introducing Hummah!

Hummah portrait, Inner Companion from Smartview Stories

Hummah! [HUMM-ahh] This female companion is always monitoring our environment for us. She gives us access to all of our body senses: vision, sound, taste, smell, intuition (gut sense), touch and overall body wisdom. Hummah is fluid and flexible, a skilled shape-shifter. She is comfortable in the dark and okay with the unknown. 

She is capable of broad, sustained alertness in ways of “being”. Hummah says “I am your body”. She helps us explore, create, connect, and relate with the world. Hummah is so wired to connect that it can be hard for her to say no. Yet, when our experiences do not feel safe, she may choose to withdraw. Dance, art, music, sports, nature, and metaphor are some of her favorite activities. She is content to pursue these passionately with no sense of purpose. Hummah enjoys reading people’s eyes. She often can tell how real someone’s words are this way. 


BEING is a way to remember Hummah.


Look who was born on Feb 14 this year! Our first prototype of  Hummah! She was created by Nance's Lovables LLC. LaTara sews custom stuffed animals in fabrics of your choice. LaTara can create custom Hummah's for anyone interested until we eventually contract with a larger company. Below are a few pictures showing just how fun it is to have Hummah around. 


Introducing Sleuthin!

Sleuthin, Inner Companion for Smartview Stories

Sleuthin! [Slu-THINN] This male companion helps us access all that we have learned about being a human on this planet. He loves to separate and label things, solve problems and find missing pieces. He is always engaged in some purpose, enjoys helping others and is efficient in routine situations.


Sleuthin prefers and defends what he knows! When things are under control, he is happy! Sometimes he worries about the future. And boy, does Sleuthin like to talk! He has access to our language center and can fire off endless repetitive thoughts when he does not feel heard. A valuable awareness is that Sleuthin tends to ignore what he does not understand. 


Sleuthin says “I have a body” and has lots of ideas to keep it busy.


DOING is a way to remember Sleuthin.

Introducing Ashamaya!

Ashamaya, Inner Companion from Smartview Stories

Ashamaya! [AH-sha-my-ya] Through the power of the Pause, this unisex companion helps us claim our human birthright powers as wizards of love, time, and space. The emphasis here is on process, we are forever in flux. Change ruffles no feathers here! Embodying trust, anything is possible. 


Ashamaya understands that everything belongs. Everything. The owl’s eyes takes in an expansive mountain ridge view while its wings open wide to hold whatever is here right now with tenderness. No worry or fear is too big for the wings of Ashamaya. This creature can hold the entire planet when needed. It is the quality of the space that Ashamaya creates that sets a tone of cooperation, teamwork and trust in life's forward flow. We are in this together; the owl reminds us again and again. When we pause, open our wings with both kindness and clarity, we allow ourselves to grow toward our highest potential. 


BEING WITH is a way to remember Ashamaya.



And here is an excerpt of the Inner Companions as Ashamaya leads them in planning how they will support Wendy in Book 1...



It’s story time, my Companions! Let’s gather around.

Three Inner Companions from Smartview Stories

Ashamaya fluffs its wings out to each side. Hummah takes a seat on one side. Sleuthin follows. The owl waits as they settle in.

Ashamaya smiles and then speaks. “It is time to help Smartview Village tell another set of Focusing stories. Our mission for this book involves awkward moments. I wonder what comes for each of you when you hear the phrase ‘Awkward Moments’.

Sleuthin starts. “Ugh. Clumsy. Difficult. Unmanageable. No skill. Very annoying.”

The owl nods. “Yes, I hear this phrase brings up a lot that can annoy you.”

Hummah chimes in, “For me, awkward brings an image of tripping over my
own arms or tying them in knots. It’s downright embarrassing and might even be painful.”

Ashamaya’s face softens as it imagines this experience. “Oh, my! And for you, awkward moments bring a sense of embarrassment, maybe even pain. Thank you for sharing. This is a splendid start. And, there is more I’d like you to watch for as we help our friend Wendy. Our story involves Wendy at her new school.”

And, together they form a plan…