Jay-El Fogo

Other methods took me as far as they could go.

Jay-El Fogo

"I’ve done quite a bit of inner transformational work in the past and those methods took me as far as they could go. What attracted me to Focusing is that I recognized that THIS could fuel me more into the deeper parts of myself. I’ve been able to achieve a deeper level of intimacy with communication. Focusing has met and fulfilled my desires for process.

It’s been everything I’ve wanted it to be.

Caroline Thomas

Focusing brings us to the edge...

Caroline Thomas

"Focusing...the work reveals itself.

It comes from near and far.

It is and has always been.

It carries wisdom on It's ride.

We are Its vehicle. It moves. It is still. It vibrates.

It bends and It blends.

It brings us to the edge and we wait for It to show us, to shift us, to ease,