Focusing really feels like a homecoming to me

Rainbow Lonestar

"What has stayed with me is the awe of the process and how profoundly it can change not only how we relate to ourselves but also to everyone and everything else around us. It really feels like a
homecoming to me, a gentle, compassionate invitation to bring Presence to what is."

Who's running who?

Leah Rodriguez

"I have something in me that likes to manage my thoughts. He runs around all day classifying and prioritizing thoughts in my head. Sometimes very violently closing things away. Focusing is a time where I can intentionally thank my manager for all he does for me but ask him to take a break so I can look more closely at what I keep shutting down. I'm finding that letting these things run their course is leading me to unexpected places. I feel free. Thank you Sandy for introducing me to this crucial life skill."