Understanding ourselves as caretaker of our body and brain goes hand in hand with improving our Focusing skills. The process unfolds a bit differently for each of us; however, at some point, the basics of sleep quality, breath awareness and body awareness come to our attention. 

Step 1: Awareness and Acknowledging

Our first step is to acknowledge that our body is bringing something that could be different to our attention. 

Step 2: Taking Time to Research Action Options

I look for resources when something comes to my attention as I listen to myself. This may come in a Focusing session and more and more it comes in daily life moments. We are not looking for answers outside of ourselves. We are finding what we need outside of ourselves to support our next step in growth and evolution. 

Smartview Stories books are 


There are a lot of good scientific resources emerging in these areas. I'll include some resources here that I have found helpful.