2018 Mid-Atlantic Focusers Retreat

Smiles at the end of our time together...

Sandy has been the registrar for retreats in the fall at Shrine Mont since 2018. We were strongly committed to each other up to a virtual gathering in 2020. From there, the Covid years took a toll and we've gone off in new directions.

I am excited to adapt this into Ripples of Resonance with Josh as co-facilitator! Eventually, we anticipate Karen DeHart joining as a facilitator. She is certified to teach Alexander Technique, Enneagram and Focusing.

What we especially appreciated...

Meeting everyone; Good group size; Authenticity; Perfect people, perfect place; "The Green Star Elk Men's group"; Lead you to the water but you have to drink; Connection; Smiling faces; Time Focusing; To be heard; Felt comfortable; Power of Focusing; The space we created; Vulnerability - the strength that came from vulnerability; I feel inspired to do more of this in the world and make it happen; Dedication; All this Spontaneity; There was a lot of laughter this weekend.

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