Besides my Certification as a Focusing Professional, I am a Certified Teacher of Interactive Focusing. I learned Interactive Focusing from one of two Master Teachers of Interactive Focusing, Masumi Maeda of Japan, over the course of their many years of Focusing partnership. Most recently, I spent 1 1/2 years assisting Masumi in the translation of her extensive Interactive Focusing training program into English.

Most recently, I have partnered with Sandy Jahmi Burg to explore our mutual passion for bringing Focusing to Students and Educators. Our project, “Focusing Belongs in Schools”, converges from several directions, including neuroscience, teaching through story-telling, the need for evidence-based research on the effectiveness of Focusing, the interest of Dr. Gendlin in bringing Focusing to national associations of Educators, and support for Social and Emotional Learning curricula.

When I am not working on Focusing and other projects, I spend time with my mixed breed rescue Scout, and his best friend Baby. Scout "convinced me" that we needed to add Baby to our family when her human passed away in 2023. She is small, but she is a spitfire of a Miniature Pinscher, and adds a lot of fun to Scout's days. Besides them, the household is complete with two Tabby Cats named Zen and Jasmine. Zen's nickname is "Aquaman" because he loves to slosh the water bowl. Jasmine's nickname is Ms. Houdini because she loves to disappear and reappear as if by magic."