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Meet People Living Forward Focusing


We created this section to give you a feel for what happens when you bring Focusing into your life. The process of living Focusing requires courage and tenacity. We are literally rewiring cultural and intergenerational neural patterns that limit us as human beings to faith in ourselves as co-creators. 

These pages highlight people in my Focusing community who are living forward Focusing in a way that can be shared with others. Everyone here is actively practicing Focusing and some are Certified Focusing Professionals. We can drop in here to cheer each other on, to find common interests and to explore interacting with each other beyond our learning spaces. 


We're in this together. 


"We're in this together" is one of my favorite phrases as I Self-Mentor my inner world or support someone else with an inner process. It's also something Ashamaya, who represents us as our Self-Mentor in my Smartview Stories books, often says. This phrase invites authentic connection, a sense of safety in belonging, and a sense of cooperating toward a solution that works for all perspectives. 


This is the relational space we cultivate as Focusers. We do this first for ourselves, and then as we become more skilled, we extend this relational space for those around us. Experienced Focusers often will say that living from this perspective during life-changing events or during world-changing times like these, is life-changing and for some of us, life-saving.


This relational space we share here with you. 


If you are curious, spend some time here. It could be you are here because your body is guiding you toward your next life-forward step. Your step could be individual sessions, a book, an inspiring phrase that touches you, a creative activity, or maybe a community that feels safe and welcoming. What is right for each person in any given moment, is infinite. 


Drop by often.

Stay awhile.

Watch for aliveness in your body.

Follow that thread with curiosity. 




Repeat as needed.